Many financial institutions feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of regulation that is coming their way. TribolaTech’s Risk Management consulting services work with clients to create and implement integrated risk management capabilities designed to gain higher economic returns, improve shareholder value and increase customer confidence.

Risk Reporting

Accurate, complete and timely data is a foundation for effective risk management. Truth is in the data, however, data alone does not guarantee that the board and senior management will receive appropriate information to make effective decisions. The right information needs to be presented to the right people at the right time. Reports based on risk data should be accurate, clear, complete and contain the correct content that allows for an appropriate response.

Risk Data Management

As financial institutions address regulatory reporting, more holistic data management and forecasting capabilities and risk reporting infrastructure call for attention. While such enhancements would vary across different entities, risk types and business lines, institutions may want to give thought to how they could be integrated within the affected functions. Developing new applications which can help predict possible problems and provide a forward looking assessment of the risk are pertinent to being compliant.

Risk Management Control

The quality of the risk reporting information depends upon the quality of risk control functions, risk management and client related processes.  TribolaTech’s methodology is designed to help organizations enhance value through an entity-wide approach to the identification, optimization and management of the enterprise’s risk portfolio.

Advanced Analytics

Smart business analytics depends on a robust, scalable and extensible information foundation. Analytical effort should start with good planning and project insights and be integrated with overall program plan. TribolaTech’s methodology does just that; enterprise risk management, business strategy, regulatory landscape and active portfolio management which are timely and adaptive.

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